Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sir Ian McKellen

During the Christmas break, I had quite a bit of glorious time in which I got to do whatever I felt like. Over the course of two days, I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions of course).

I really love those movies (sometimes to the point that they become my drug), but I was thinking about something interesting during them.

It was in middle school that I found of Sir Ian McKellen was gay. I probably just read about it online or something, but I was in such a strange mental state (you know—the whole shame/self hate phase *rolls eyes*) that I could hardly bring myself to even think about the films even back then. Every time I would think about the Lord of the Rings the homosexuality of Gandalf’s actor would inevitably pop into my head. It thoroughly ruined the movies. I told my best friend about it too one day and he was incredibly angry at me for telling him because it had the same effect on him (hmm…).

Of course, I got over it after a couple of months and could put that aside and once again enjoy the pleasure that LOTR is for me.

This is the first time I have watched the movies in a while and I was surprised by how different things were for me. I had largely forgotten about the phase I had gone through before when I learned of Ian McKellen’s homosexuality.

As I watched, I was really impressed by Ian’s ability as an actor. Just as it shouldn’t, his sexual orientation doesn’t matter to me at all any more and wasn’t a factor in my judgments of him.

So I now have this overwhelming respect for the man and how good of a job I think he did in the movies. In fact, I have to admit that I find his prowess as an actor and other life accomplishments and integrity as a person to be very attractive (in a platonic sort of way of course).

The point is Sir Ian McKellen is super cool and I’m shocked and ashamed (in a way) to remember the paradigms of life I held in middle school. Though I don’t suppose I can hold it against myself too much.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gay Scriptures

According to Spencer Kimball, these scriptures all prove homosexuality wrong, or can be applied to the issue at least.

leviticus 20:13,15; romans 1:26-28; matthew 19:12; ezekiel 18:21-23; 2 nephi 33:3-5; moses 4:4; d&c 1:31-32; 2 nephi 9:31-34; 2 peter 2:17; revelation 20:12; 2 nephi 15:19-21; 2 nephi 20:33; acts 5:3-4; psalm 107:17; deuteronomy 23:17; matthew 18:8-9; 1 nephi 3:7; 2 nephi 9:40; d&c 58:42-43; matthew 11:28-30; moroni 7:12-14; jeremiah 2:13; d&c 62:3; 2 nephi 15:15; job 38; genesis 4; abraham 5:18; d&c 104:5-6; 1 corinthians 6:9; john 8:11; 2 nephi 9:40; alma 12:34; revelation 3:20-21; d&c 1:33; 2 nephi 9:38-39; 2 nephi 27:3; ezekiel 8:12; 2 nephi 20:15; alma 5:17-21; d&c 132:52; d&c 42:22; revelation 3:4-5; revelation 7:13-15; alma 3:27; 2 nephi 9:20-28; 2 nephi 10:23; mosiah 16:11-12; alma 3:26-27; d&c 19:15-18; james 1:13-15; alma 41:5-10; matthew 12:30; d&c 18:6; revelation 2:17; revelation 3:17-19; 2 nephi 20:3; 2 nephi 9:29; 2 nephi 2:27; ether 2:15; 2 nephi 20:27; psalm 1:7; 1 corinthians 7:23; d&c 18:11; helaman 13:38; revelation 3:12; jeremiah 50:6; 2 nephi 26:22; 2 nephi 9:31-38,40; mosiah 26:35-36; moroni 9:4